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Welcome To LEDWinner

As one of best led lighting solution supplier, LEDWINNER Accumulated over 8-years experience in led light manufacture and design, ONLY supply Quality led downlights, led panel, led track lights, led tubes, led liner lights and other indoor & outdoor led lighting . We supply as follow led lights service :

  • High quality & High Lumen Output led products with quality led driver, cree led, led headsink ect .
  • Support OEM / ODM led lights solution for special indoor or outdoor led lighting projects.
  • 360° Support Small Order from 5pcs , 10pcs or no mini order for new led lighting business sellers.
  • Supply 2-5 series New LED Lights to help clients to open new led lighting projects.
  • Total Mini 2-years Warranty quality service
  • 7days-24hours sales service, reply email within 2-hours !

Meet Our Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Max Ma

Max Ma


We always insist on quality first ! I can promise You can get top quality led lights from LEDWinner !

Alex Chen

Alex Chen

Marketing & Sales

We not sale only the led lights for all need lighting, also we supply best after service of led solution.

Emily Zhou

Emily Zhou


We alway try our best design top quality led lights for every lighting projects !

What others say about us

First off, let me say that the included instructions suck. After I figured out what to do to wire them, installation took about 45 minutes to replace four fluorescent fixtures in my drop ceiling. All I had to do was remove the old and lay the new in their place. I am posting a photo of how the wiring goes to make it easy for someone else. These are brighter than a warm tone, but not as bright as the sterile daylight LEDs.

John ConeCEOMaxmanc Inc

Absolutely adore this panel. I replaced a crappy 8 foot HO fluorescent fitting in a drop ceiling that was constantly flickering, buzzing, burning out bulbs, and so on. Plus the light was not great. This unit fit well, is super bright – one is at least as bright as two 8 foot bubs in the HO fluorescent unit – and was easy to install.

Christian ZaxCEOZax

Just installed and test all led lights soured from LEDWinner and like others have said the instructions are vague but it’s not to hard to figure out. Light isn’t extremely bright but for my garage it’s perfect.

Joseph M. HereidCEOO.S

PRO Tips:
1) Easy install if you know a little electrical knowledge.
2) This bulb will only be good in a fixture with a diffuser. It would be too bright and annoying for it to be exposed.
3) I’m saving money on wattage.
4) Very pleasant light compared to my fluorescent 4100K bulbs…which seemed harsher now in comparison.
5) Fast shipping from Hyperikon.
6) Cold does not affect this bulb. After it comes on it is fully lit…unlike the fluorescent bulbs that take a while to come on fully in the cold.

Anna VandanaCEOFunkyInc